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How To Double, Triple Or 10X Your Business....With Ease 
3 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Frustrated And Stop Them From Growing Their Business To The Next Level
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Certified Success Coach, Entrepreneur, 2 Time Author, Investor, TEDx speaker
He has been doing international business for the past 12 years.  He studied in the University of Delaware. He joined his 67-year-old family business.  He has opened offices in U.S.A. and Vietnam, Ghana, Nepal, and has various partnerships in Malaysia. Harsh has trained over 3 Lakhs students in employability,  confidence, health, wealth, relationship and success. Harsh has also written the highly successful book called It's My Life at a young age of 21. He is a certified firewalk instructor, Health and Success Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist and Reiki expert. Harsh Is a 4th generation entrepreneur. He Runs The Most Successful IT Training Institue In India By the Name of Jetking.

Harsh and his company has built over 400 entrepreneurs... Has been featured on ABC, NBC, fox. He has led his company to Limca book of records got the highest number of jobs for an Institute

Harsh Has Started And Made Successful 4 Startups And Has Coached and mentored 4,00,000 students across the on startups, business, career and relationship
In The Video, You Will Learn
  • Crystal Clear Goal So That You Can Start Taking Immediate Action
  • Delegation 3.0: How To Hire And Manage Best Human Resources using technology
  • Next Step Action Plan
  • Greater Personal Awareness
  • Hidden Challenges In Your Business Revealed
  • Renewed Energy So That You Can Go Back To Your Business With 100% Commitment
  • Extreme Motivation To Get The Results You Desire
  • Master Digital Marketing: Why Facebook Ads Might Be The Best Thing That Happened in Marketing Since Dawn Of Media And How You Can Take Advantage Of It
  • Experience Behind The Scenes Running Of A Public Limited Company Which Reached Group Turn over of 180 Crores In Revenues
  • Time Management On Steroids: Secrets To Cut Your Time At Work Into Half( It's Dangerously Easy To Implement)
  • Learn Latest Trends And Where Your Industry Is Going And How You Can Tap Them To Make Big Money And Grow Your Business
  • Eliminate Fear And Anxiety Instantly
  • Instantly Heal Your Emotional Wounds That Stop You From Growing Your Business To The Next Level.